Strike below the midline. Not tonight. Already there. Your techniques confuse and amaze pulling into the same eight points along a line. Make room. Do not put them there.

Conversation with a wire and a piece of light. The family run down. Saturday night at a clinic but take a week and you'll be "good". Wednesday week we'll know. Moving across the water. Chicken wings, something simple. Get as much as you can. We are done. Finished. Too early sat cross armed in a daze. Make room. Never know what the story is.

How do they talk so loud in a place like this. Sure, who cares. A good voice for a room, for making a presence known the right way. Good in conversation with a co-worker or a distant family member. Small talk is just an extension of your mouth.

And then the wires talk back. They always do. Voices in the night. Jotting ripples in the air.

So much lost. Could have been worse. Glass half full.

Is this why it gets easier. Write it out.