Thought about as a larger project, something that brings one element together to a more "finished" state. For the sake of it. But you need to consume more of it to know really how it is. The act is not merely enough to go on. One must also know the art. And it should work well. Like it always has. Fluid, without thinking. A collection of short bits. Snippets. Shards of a view on a constant movement through it all. Shards. Broken. Whole.

And the noise got too much. Sat in the corner watching from behind a cover. It was a spectator sport, an observation on its affects. Nothing more than that. Too loud. Causing winces and looks at the faces of other spectators from afar. Need transport? No, got this. Get out, escape. Know exactly why it is all avoided. Think about that sheet of images and sayings you consumed once. The ones that described it perfectly. The introversion. The outward introversion. Wanting inner spaces to escape too and having limits on the outer spaces and how extreme they can get... how out of control. Pushing lines. Control it if you can. Can't stop yourself. Get out of it. Mindedness. Escape the situation.

And memories were generated between set and rise. Hard fought moments between the covers. The eyes folded blind by the brain. Such vivid memories. Of flooded shores and Grammar on stage, couples in a side room being free to their selves. Happy females. Lines of shit. Vivid hard decisions and escapes to other opportunities. They mount in your head. Generating impulses that wake you. Generating responses that affect your waking life. Demanding answers from questions you were afraid to ask yourself. Embrace that escaped world between the covers. Answers abound.

The rules allow for the shape of all of this. The rules of play. And Play still escapes them all, drawn in by the opportunity to play, for real, true play. Still waiting for those opportunities. Still asking for them. Silent refusals abound. And play is replaced by pressure. By obligation and hours remaining. By disregard and functional optimisation.

It is good. It is efficient. It lacks enjoyment. So play.

And a week goes by without progress... one directly after the last of determination and spirit. But the time away allows for perspective and viewpoints. And a question to scrap a core idea is allowed to be asked. Take it or leave it. But exiting none the less.

Find time this week to play. Demand it. And be confident in the ideas that generated the last two. Play to win.