Anything you deserve. Light it up. The rat smell of piss in the sheets of wet. Lights off the black grit. Mixed in waves. Plush. Goo. Pocked with pale yellow beads of light. A spirited come back.

Can't get to that level. Listening to the one man band. Listening to what it can do. Listening to nothing but desperate talent. Take a step back. Listen to the listeners. It was always going to be a bump, nothing smooth. Dipping into salty treats. You could have that, dressed down and ready to be taken right there and then. Yours. Wanted.

Get it out of the rain you fool. It just cant be, you'll see. Cant wait for it. Has to happen. Take it. Announcement behind pop beats that demand an ear. White or black. Plain as day. 9 minutes what now?

That will neverhold, paused momentarily as planned. Scheduled. Moving forward with a pulsing beep. The follow on back on the tracks.

This one. Dressed in back keeps eyes out the window and watches the spaces between us. Cautious. Getting home. Feel the wet on the edges of your jeans, pushed against your skin after sitting down.

This one has a massive scroobious pip like beard. And all the expected wear. A statement. Part of a movement. Meaning something. Hot here. Under a fan. Suffocating. Coughs. Everyone engaged in the white light. And i hear songs from travels through Italian plains on a bus going south.

Break with it. Round a corner. Back on tracks.