Too fast and straight forward. The small issues. Addressed and looking good.

But you cant say that, didn't say anything. Not all day. A screen as a companion and simple problems set aside.

It wasn't easy. But it was dealt with. And next and more and next and onwards.

The ones that do not require more beyond the form. The ones that ask for consistency. Can be difficult. Never easy. More progression sought.

Red jackets are in favour. Sugary treats. Stalled on the way home. The chatter and dry coughs. The low hum of a tired inhabitance. More news from the darkest world around us. For safety and security they say. All in the wrong places for the right reasons.

You can be in the best place with the worst of consequences. Waiting for a solution that is never to arrive.

And you should do something about that nourishment. Thinking of the air and view. The way light hangs in the space between the sands and the clouds. Layers on the curve of the earth.

His face hung from his bones. Melting. Growing. Malleable.

And you breath that layer in. Between the fat and the bone. Juicy fresh and not bottled but sprawled.

Everyone injects data into lights. Turning brains into numbers. Electronic connections and processes into other electronic connections and processes. Not too dissimilar just no where near as dynamic.

A buzz from the future. The destination. And the mind wanders and the world turns beneath me. Moving to the next and the one after.