You jump right back in. Be happy about it. The old face on a new pig, costly but satisfying. Investment required and commitment ensured, at least for the time being.

This is a step on a way towards easier, faster. Enabled on your own side. A better cleaner option.

And the system turns in on itself again, as it does every year - the constant birth and rebirth and end. Too late for that carry on, no sense in creating the disturbance, even for gracious acknowledgement. This is the end of that. The start of a less accommodating reality.

The clutter is hidden. The edges refined and sharpened for maximum damage. Hit them at your peril, this is where we exist - work around it. Work to it. Learn how we do it. Hard edges will keep you straight until you complain to the right people in the strongest voice.

Tickets drop to and fro in a turbine burning slowly into a vortex. The right one in there somewhere but too dangerous to pursue. You will never land that sort of thing, or you will die trying.