And they come thick and fast through brackets moving in time with each other. Filters. Valves sucking in humans and spitting out machines. The pick up truck, from deep south. And we must decide how much is too much. To slack off just when the going was total and ultimate. Full tilt. Clear. Floating above the aether in a moment of pure fusion. Watching the earth rotating below pushing the rest around without control. Watching from above - in complete purity.

The feet stick to an unknown. And the other humans come in close without even a hint of manner. Cant teach that. "I'll go where i want" in your town. Defiance. Staring down a barrel. Watching the air slip between ripples on the surface. Revealed in liquid stretched to the horizon. A grand chaotic. A unified floating mass in constant flux - issued to everyone with a purpose - keeping us alive. Keeping us cold and warm. Distributing and destroying. Sitting in captivity between a rock and a void looking out. Stuck.