This other sound. From another mind. Another time. Who is it thinking in this other way. Can it possibly be the same arrangement of cells. The same muscles. The same thought patterns.

I do not recognise that person. Creation flowed unimpeded. Unstoppable invention. Pure. Clear ideas. Straight forward. Mission and goal. Aims.

Sorting through the piles to distribute to new ears. Expecting complements? Warning about the crazy elements. Don't be afraid of this other person. I can handle it (I think) but can you?

Dancing through the air, pulsing beats. Piano percussion. It is a great sound. just fun. Loose guitar. Crickle, crackle. Just the right grain and crazy speed. What perfect invention.

Get there again and be as happy. Sit and listen and refine again. Watch sunsets from that room again. Be there again. Escape this. It is not you.

Who are you?