You sit down into another one. Staring down the next three and a half hundred with a grin and bare it attitude. Waiting for it to repeat and crack on the floor with a bang.. a slow fluctuating murmur... a high frequency blast... leaves a ringing.

Yet the sentiments change so dramatically, perhaps it can all change that easily. But it is the little bits, the frequency set to a low Hz high resolution... it is those gaps and starts that build the change. One after another, stop and repeat, stop and repeat. The effect develops. The landscape changes from wasteland to city street, shop front to forest floors.

Head down in the grass.The hum of life burning out with powerful gusts and flamed growth. The exhausted system on an endless cycle with withered chains in the gears. Head down in the dirt. The silence broken only by a twig giving way under foot. The soil solid to the touch... forever still. Waiting to crack at first light. Head down in the water. A different expectation. Lapping warmed in the ears modulation of waves within waves. The crack of the break on drums unsuited to the submarine sounds. You lie face down by a window. The whisper of earth in the cracks of years gone by. The black spray that strayed from the newspaper. The same skyline of roofs and forest tops. The same 300 steps. Face down. The memories persist.

You sit down into the 29th one. Each one requires more than the last. The human achievement system kicking into overdrive. Effort levels increase. Slide a cold one over this way.