You rise to that stage and the last month dips slow with the bass. You watch the stage evaporate in the fog of the atmosphere. Further and further into the haze yet you know it will be back again. Sometime. Right now you look at the current trajectory. Everything is a balancing act. Everything is a strategic manoeuvre towards an end goal. Define the goal.

And you twist the metal on another neck. Another colour. Another beautiful thing. You all agree it is just that. And yet. You need to sketch on it. Sink sound into it. Make it hum. Make it blast. Take it as it is and record every moment. Small set pieces. Small expressions.

You owe that much to yourself. You owe that much to the thing, to its function. Let it express your ideas.

The birds. Cracking nuts against the wall. New growth. Young. Sitting on the edges of chimneys. Conversations overheard. A heat source, where better?

And we exclaim despite the rules! Despite the how's and what's!

And in the morning you learn to test. Test the waters. Push on further.

You get it right in bits. This is the right thing. Good.