That un-phased madness is creeping in. Little by little you can see it on the streets. An abandonment which had never existed in these corners before. We are falling in. Slowly.

Quiet laneways and safe areas have been infiltrated. And now, little by little one can expect the ranting loon, angry at everything and unashamedly berating the air around them. Nothing is right. Nothing can ever be right for this mindset. The world has left them in a hole, dead to their sounds. Nothing echoes.

Whatever it is that triggers it - this madness - it pales in comparison to the indifference of the rest. This is probably what harbours it in the first place. A dead core, one that once had heart and would stop to react, partly out of concern and partly because this madness is unacceptable. This cannot and should not happen in this place. It would never be acceptable. But now we walk on - not our problem - because our ownership extends only the boundaries of our homes and possessions. No ownership of our lands and our fellow inhabitants.

"Who are these people? They must not be one of ours". Irrelevant. The sickness goes unchecked, uncured, it spreads with ease and feeds on those where society and friendship have failed. Slowly eating into their confidence and assuredness until, one moment they crack, finding themselves bellowing haphazardly across a road at a man in a car, screaming incomprehensible nonsense that expresses meaning more so through its cacophony rather than its words and structure. A call for help that is ignored by the drivers passing by. The ones who want to know nothing of it. The ones who add to the madness. The ones that should be stopping and checking and doing what they can.

"Is everything OK?"... perhaps they never ask because they do not want the answer. Everything is sick.

How do you stop that rip in this fabric becoming a gaping hole? How do you cure the sickness and pause this progression into cold heartless living? Living is more than just the survival of individuals, it is about existing together and maintaining a morale. Morale is key. Purpose and intent is key. Concern and goodwill is key. Balance and distribution of happiness is key.

All of these things are not gained in isolation. They are existent in any society and dispersed by one individual to another, or by one group to another.. they are shared resources and their energies are enhanced exponentially with every event. Such that they never exhaust should those that receive be willing to go on and give. An infinite loop. A happiness loop.

But we have stopped giving. Really giving. From one face to another - not via screens - but through hands and gestures. Tangible communication. Stopping and asking. Talking and laughing. Asking questions and listening. Singing and drumming. Communicating directly. A cure perhaps.

Continue the loop.