Time - holding on movement over static rivers of souls and seven more reasons to go home. Older souls are telling me where the hatred is, telling me to bring it nowhere near here. Yet in the darkness, where alarms break silence just when its is the cheapest thing in the store... at least then the cost is so small.. pieces everywhere as we search for an answer to the inevitable hard work.. sweat patches on old shirts, dirt on cotton knees, holes in wollen gloves.

They may or may not ever exist in anywhere or anything. But its feeling that matters in the end. If it fits... then why change it? Then someone extends and ear from the otherside of the planet. Open your head.. another temple in motion. Swinging rhyhtms like baseball bats.. go with it.

Forest getting thicker. Everywhere is north, but keep on south. Hoping for an opening. Trees getting longer. Hoping for an opening. Winter again in the temple.
Realise  by  InTheBlackBox

Looking at alternative futures, looking at another. Anything is possible.

If We Had Created
If We Had Created  by  InTheBlackBox