There has been this reoccurring bit. A sound that is correct and right, but it jacks up against the rest, unready to relent to the whole of the sound. It wants a specific progression, something that is not yet in the right place, not yet of the correct sound, of the right tempo and mood.

What mood is it? Is it waiting to be discovered or already there? Get it. Work it out, that is all it is waiting for. Work it out.

Found a new way into it this evening. It was already there, years in the making and ready to be pried from the hands of history, you have heard it a million times but never in a million years. You know it backwards but not at all. Just resting there on your brain waiting to be used again and again just as it has been played again and again.

This is the final bit you need to pin down before stopping and looking at what has become in the past few. This is no roller coaster ride - it is plain sailing. But you have to work it out before its right. Nobody will want to care. Nobody will want to listen to this. It is just sound.

Make it music. Make it matter.

Learning, trying, failing. Repeat.