You had to listen to the sounds at all stage.
Open harmonic twelve.
And twist until everything was in line.. Even closer to where it should be would be better when the alignment was so out. At once it was so easy yet hard to reach. Take it slowly and assess. Then take it apart and dive in. It is how you learn.

It is how you learned.

You sit and watch the ideas get conceived. You wait and wait for the time to execute. The space to execute. The silence to execute. And then you think of the fill that will unleash upon the hole that you have created. For how long will it be adequate. Your name associated with rambling words. This is who you are at any one point. Is it who you await to be seen with.

You. Myself. Focus on the one issue. You will see it through and all of the other issues will fall in line eventually. It need only take a moment for the harmonics to be in harmony with every 12th note.

One octave ahead at all times.