Didn't I believe you once when you had me in a corner on the ropes?

Or did I have you there lost in missing memory?

Wasn't it on your hand that I left the burning touch?

Or did you scar my own and leave it for me to consider my hopes?

And then the world opened up it's skies and beckoned people forth... I watched the world gulp and swallow with vibrations from my life. We're all on the Opposite once more yet nothing is inverted. The key was never too far from electronical option and modern mouths to speak. Nothing is broken and never had to be mended from passed mistakes and wrong reverberations. Nothing is mended on broken hills where green flows up towards the sky... that was hair in wrong places and lessons learned, lessons left forever.

Didn't I thank with the gifts before me and do what had never been done?

Or did I fumble and drop the ball you saved from oblivion gone?

Wasn't it with world noises that we pounded out the dents?

"Or" is not an option now.. Nothing is Broken - Vibrations deep and pounding