<a href="http://intheblackbox.bandcamp.com/track/lullaby">Lullaby by In The Black Box</a>

Sit down and.......work it out. Been flipping through the various elements lately, working out which goes with what and how it all works together in the big light. The time has treated them kindly, they never come out the same way twice. And now, shining crazy on sizzling sun stretches the great globe in the sky looms with light extatic. They say we waited for a moment to arrive, the perfect one, yet with all those contraptions you still sound the same as the one before. And we will go on last, last out of the box, and stay on last, last into the box. Rippling vibrations, the ones we planned yet play like stings to the varied and the drunk... the ones that sound too perfect to be momentous, too momentous to be real.


And i will lower the cases down a size and convince the temples that nothing really happened between my fingers and the electronics, just another day, just another rip in the fabric. Today we should do it all outside and establish the connections better... establish the links in and between the music. But if you do not agree, and suggest they are but perfect in every way. Who is it? Why is it? When was it? I'm not there anymore.


And this will appear and make no difference.. i wait for the liquid shapes to appear on liquid social scenes. I await for reality to become.