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Because You Got Eyes on Good and Tight
Heavy loads will sometimes come on slowly... didn't see it rise out of the sunshine i must say... and now at the tail end I'm flat on it, pushing empty onto downhill slopes, hoping for momentum to find the way. Oh but it was a fun ride... and i know that with this drop into the unknown i will rise with the sun and find another mountain to climb in the shade..

Easy peasy they say, but we got eyes to groove on and they are good and tight... reveal that to the senses and let it get fixed up good for the Sunday parade.

You have another wave of ill thinking? another bazillion to spend and make perfect for the future. investment investment investment. If we take away the bass perhaps it will be easier for the lighter stuff to float up their noses... This one is a keeper i think

But just because you got eyes.... on good and tight.

Ill let that one slip towards you and you can deal with it how you like.

Its a simple equator.. long and round... could have been flat. But just because...

... i really will.