... it pushes through anything... if you give it oxygen.. pushin through air. New  yet nobody cares .. the numbers are counting down down and below the usual. Everyone break for the door the wheels are coming off. And in the darkness where lights are temporary and constant there is no doubt that the look does not matter. We pushed sound around that night in temporary light.. pushing out from two black beasts, curving wood.. a punihment of time. Irrelivant and misleading. And what you see is what you get.. what you want is what you spend.

There are people here who are finding that huge sound... that one that is neither natural nor emotional. And they will drop a beat like that and will heave massive through the pain barrier. Talking about building tension? Building everything. That is the best you will ever do, going southern on a dark train. .. going southern. Not bad or strong. Southern. A huge sound getting pushed.

Think about a holiday. Think about subtracktion sbtrkt...SBTRKT... now i get it.

Sucked into a black night... into a culture.