As the sun set on another frozen thirty... there was a lot of thought in the fabric of what was happening. Whether it was the man on the street with a briefcase full of ideas... or the tired eyes with ideas full of men with briefcases.... there was much to consider.

And so the sound went around a corner... the fourth it seems - right back to the sound that came from the earliest of early tunes. It found it's way there through frustration most of all... not the same again please! Not the same again.... so it was different to please the power centre.. and everything changes... new people to please.. yet still not pleasing the temple..

oh wait... no wait yes it is.

But if we lay down a beat like this on a frosty January evening... at least we remember that there is something to wake up for in the morning....yes...

i know...

a real live morning!

Have a listen to the latest and last tune from January 2010 - Island
It's called "Zebra" would you believe!

Zebra  by  InTheBlackBox

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